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Hello, Future Faith Student!

Thank you for taking time to explore the possibilities Faith Seminary has to offer! The programs of study available here are designed for our students to grow and serve according to the Lord’s leading in their lives.

Our Admissions Office is a “One Stop Shop” for Future Students—assisting with all types of questions about  our school, becoming a student, and other interests relevant to prospective students. We look forward to serving you until the completion of your admissions process.

You are invited to contact us directly:

Undergraduate Programs at Faith

graduatepeopleThe College offers two complete four-year Bachelor of Arts degrees:

Each program allows the option of establishing a specialty/minor such as Christian Education, Psychology & Counseling, Business & Management, African-American Studies, Youth Ministry, Pastoral Ministry, Chaplaincy Studies, Missions & Evangelism, Children’s Ministry, Life Coaching, and Church & Non-profit Administration.

The undergraduate programs are available entirely online or through a combination of online and resident courses.

Graduate Programs at Faith


The Seminary offers five Graduate programs:

GCL courses are available in various formats of study including online, webinar, hybrid, and residence. The GCL can be completed entirely by distance or through a combination of distance and resident courses.

Courses in the master’s degrees are also available in various format including online, webinar, hybrid, residency and DVD.

Postgraduate Programs at Faith


The Seminary offers a Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program with three possible concentrations:

  • Strategic Leadership
  • Christian Apologetics
  • Expository Communication.
The DMin program normally has residency requirements that can be fulfilled by taking hybrid classes. Some courses may also available in other formats of study such as DVD, evening resident, webinar, or online.

Why choose Faith Evangelical College & Seminary?

  • We are committed to the authority and inerrancy of scripture
  • We maintain a Christ-centered atmosphere
  • We are proud of our distinguished and accessible Faculty
  • We are accredited and affordable
  • We offer excellent ministry and career preparation
  • Financial Aid Availability including VA/TA benefits for military personnel
  • We provide an excellent balance between learning and application
  • Development of Life-Long Relationships


  • 19/03/2015in news

    Offering Three New Programs

    ★★★Rejoicing at Faith Seminary★★★ Today we received final approval to offer 3 new programs: ►Bachelor of Arts in Business (BAB) ►Master of Arts in Christian Counseling (MACC) ►Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL)...
  • 13/03/2015in news

    Students & Profs from Near & Far: Resident Hybrid Week

    Resident Hybrid Week: March 9-13 (above) Dr. Jay Diller and the students from his morning class: “Strategic Leadership & Organization Development.” (above) Dr. Elliott Mallory-Greene teaching an afternoon course: “Greek Exegetical Tools.” (above) Dr Dennis Jowers visiting with some students from his afternoon class: “Hebrew Exegetical Tools.” (...
  • 07/03/2015in news

    ★★★Chinese Division Hosts Seminar★★★

    Today was the final day of a seminar organized & hosted by the students in our Chinese Division for the local Chinese Community. “Listen, for Heaven’s Sake!” Speaker: Dr YH Soon Director of Chinese Division...
  • 30/10/2014in news

    Are you prepared for October 31?

    Are you prepared for October 31? —REFORMATION DAY: Trick? or Treat?— October 31, 1517:The day MARTIN LUTHER nailed his “95 Theses” to the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany—initiating the PROTESTANT REFORMATION. If you are curious to know more about this historical event and its impact on the Christian Church, check out these ...