From the President

Faith Seminary Staff

Throughout the pages of this web site we hope to introduce you to a Bible centered, evangelical institution of Christian studies. The uniqueness of the institution is readily apparent. As an interdenominational college and seminary our primary goals are to educate and equip Christian leaders for various professional ministries. Our vision to serve the greater evangelical community has created a diverse student body that offers a vibrant learning environment. Our partnership with local and national churches provides additional opportunities for spiritual growth and practical ministry development.

Faith Evangelical College & Seminary is committed to historic, biblical Christianity. We steadfastly uphold the inerrancy of Holy Scripture and accept as truth and without reservation all matters about which the Bible speaks. We believe it is imperative to possess a faithful understanding of God’s Word and to apply its message in all aspects of life. Therefore, we are committed to the disciple-making ministry of the global/local church. As proof of this, our graduates are serving as pastors, chaplains, missionaries, counselors, and church workers in North America and throughout the world.

Our faculty members are well-known in their academic disciplines and are diligently involved in the applied ministry of the church. Therefore, they are dedicated to a learning experience that involves spiritual formation and practical ministry combined with a rigorous academic curriculum. At the graduate level we offer the convenience of DVD distance education courses, hybrid (modular) courses, resident evening classes, as well as select online courses. In addition to graduate studies we offer a complete undergraduate program with majors in Religion or Leadership. Undergraduate students are able to develop an area of specialty within either degree. BA degrees are available through online study, evening residence courses, or a combination of both. Students who have vocational and family responsibilities will find the various educational delivery systems very helpful.

Pursuing a biblical and theological education is an important decision. Whatever your calling in life, we know that as you pursue your education at Faith Evangelical College & Seminary you will be rewarded with a theological, biblical, and practical base of knowledge that will enhance your ability to lead with faithfulness, humility, intelligence, and wisdom to the glory to God.

Welcome to the community of “faith.” May God bless you richly in your studies.

Dr. Michael J. Adams