Don Eisenhauer, PCC

Don Eisenhauer, PCCExperiencing loss is an inevitable part of living in this world. Whether it is the death of a loved one or a pet, the loss of a job, divorce, or other life transitions, grief is a reality. The journey of grief is not one to walk alone.

Don’s approach to grief coaching is to: • listen to your story • walk the journey with you • empower you to find hope and transformation in the midst of grief.

Don comes to the field of grief coaching with a wealth of practical and educational experience in end of life care, including: • 15 years of pastoral ministry • 12 years as a hospice chaplain, grief care specialist, and grief support group facilitator • a doctorate in counseling • ongoing seminars/presentations on end of life issues

Don coauthored the book “Coaching at End of Life” with J. Val Hastings, and teaches “A Coach Approach to Ministering to the Dying and the Grieving.”

In addition to coaching people along their grief journeys, Don enjoys coaching people in: • how to coach the dying and the grieving • life lessons learned from the dying • helping people to live fully until the moment of death


Phone: 610-310-7630