The 253 Tuition Award

A Very Affordable Way to Earn Your Degree

The 253 Tuition Award is an opportunity to earn your degree at a cost substantially lower than traditional tuition rates. Recipients of the 253 Tuition Award are eligible for up to $10,300 for a 4 year under-graduate degree and as much as $9,400 for a 2 year graduate degree.

Students can expect to pay only $759 per course, per quarter or $1,518 for two courses each quarter. That is a 50 to 60% cost reduction on our already industry low tuition rates! We will also waive all enrollment fees, you just pay for books. To put that in better persective, you can expect to pay roughly $6,000 per year for a Bachelor’s degree, compared to $20,000+ for that same degree at a state school or other private institution.

Full-time, accredited education from Faith International University; our passion is high quality education at low tutition rates. We aim to have our students graduate from FIU debt-free and we pray that the 253 Tuition Award is a vehicle for you to make that happen!

View this video introduction from Dr. Michael J. Adams, President of Faith International University. Click Here.


Eligibility for the 253 Tuition Award

For current, enrolled students of Faith International University, simply contact our Dean of Students, John Wheeler at 253.752.2020, ext. 120 or email him at If you are new to Faith, you may contact our admissions department to first become enrolled in our school; then we can get you set up with the 253 Tuition Award. If you can first take a moment to complete our request information form, then we will be in touch with you directly.

May God bless you! We look forward to serving you.


Note: Standard admission/academic requirements are applicable.
Note: Above mentioned tuition rates also cover all quarterly fees. Students are responsible for textbooks.