Tuition & Fees

The tuition price does not include required textbooks, various fees, or other learning materials. Students are responsible to acquire their own textbooks and required materials for each course. Students are also subject to standard quarterly fees. Other fees may also be applicable. Tuition and fees are subject to change.

Tuition per credit hour for undergraduate courses (BA)

Resident or Online $165

Tuition per credit hour for graduate courses (MA/MDiv)

Resident or Online $280

Tuition per credit hour for post-graduate courses (Doctoral)

Resident or Online $360

Special Rates
(rate does not include fees, restrictions apply)

Audit -This rate applies only for courses that are taken in residence or hybrid format that are not taken for academic credit.

(per course)

International Missionary/YWAM – This rate applies only to full-time international/YWAM missionaries (BA & MA only). 1/2 regular rate
(per course)

Quarterly Fees

Registration $   40
Technology/Library $   70
Student Access/Populi $   45

Academic Fees

Online with DVDs (per course) $     75
Online with Premium DVDs (per course) $     75
Group Mentor Coaching (per course) $   500
Individual Mentor Coaching (per course) $2,000
Undergraduate Portfolio (for courses PT 301 & PT 401) $   400
Summative Writing/Thesis Reading $   450
Doctoral Dissertation/Project Review $   600

Standard Fees

Application/Reapplication $  40
Application Deadline Extension $  35
Late Registration $  50
Late Payment (per occurrence) $  20
Declined Credit/Debit Card Payment (per occurrence) $    5
Course Drop after Week-3 (per course) $  25
Change of Program $  40
Course Extension (per course) $  45
Deferred Payment Plan (per quarter) $  50
Program Continuation $300
Graduation (first graduation $180, subsequent $100) $180
Official Transcript (per copy) $  10

Nonimmigrant/International Student Fees

I-20 Processing $250
I-20 Re-processing $100
I-20 Shipping (as needed to international addresses) $100
I-20 Replacement $  25
I-901 Service (subject to change) $250

BA Expenses

Tuition for 15 hours $2,475
Fees/Books $   350
Quarterly estimate $2,825

 Graduate Cert (Online or Resident-Hybrid)

Tuition for 8 hours $2,240
Fees/Books $   350
Quarterly estimate $2,590

 MA/MDiv (Resident)

Tuition for 12 hours $3,360
Fees/Books (approximate) $   350
Quarterly estimate $3,710

 MA/MDiv (Online)

Tuition for 12 hours $3,360
Fees/Books (approximate) $   350
Materials (DVDs) $   225
Quarterly estimate $3,935

 Doctoral (Hybrid)

Tuition for 8 hours $2,880
Fees/Books (approximate) $   300
Quarterly estimate $3,180

Payment Policy

Enrolling in classes is a financial commitment and a student becomes liable for his/her tuition and fees upon registration. Payment in full is due no later than the first day of each quarter. A deferred payment plan is available (a fee applies) with approval from the business office ( or ext. 130). Students who fail to comply with the payment policy or who default from the payment plan may have their registration cancelled and are subject to the refund policy. If no payment is received or payment arrangements made within 21 days of the quarter start date, the student will automatically be removed from classes, but will still owe the full amount of tuition and fees. Late payments are subject to a late payment fee per occurrence.

Tuition Refunds

Tuition only will be refunded (in accordance with our refund schedule) to students who officially withdraw from the institution or withdraw from a course during a quarter. Fees are not refundable. When dropping or withdrawing from a course after week three of the quarter start date, students will be assessed a fee of $200 per course.

Refunds are administered according to the following schedule:

  • Notice of withdrawal/drop within the first 7 calendar days of the quarter start date, refund is 100%.
  • Notice of withdrawal/drop after 7 calendar days, refund is pro-rated.