Students & Profs from Near & Far: Resident Hybrid Week

by / Friday, 13 March 2015 / Published in news

Resident Hybrid Week: March 9-13

1.Diller(above) Dr. Jay Diller and the students from his morning class: “Strategic Leadership & Organization Development.”

2.Greene(above) Dr. Elliott Mallory-Greene teaching an afternoon course: “Greek Exegetical Tools.”

3.Jowers(above) Dr Dennis Jowers visiting with some students from his afternoon class: “Hebrew Exegetical Tools.”

4.Mounce(above) Dr Bill Mounce visiting with some students from his evening class: “New Testament Exposition: Epistles & Revelation.”

5.Chung(above) Dr David Chung and his students enrolled in “Missional Thought & Theology.”

6.Greene(above) Dr Elliott Mallory-Greene and the student from his evening class: “Exegesis & Exposition of the Gospels.”