Academic Code of Honor

Christian character and academic honesty are foundational to the mission of Faith International University & Seminary. Students are expected to demonstrate integrity and honor— regardless of their mode of instruction—and recognize the importance of being accountable for personal academic behavior. Students have the responsibility to be knowledgeable of and abide by the Academic Code of Honor and encourage honesty and integrity among fellow students. Students are required to conduct themselves in a Christ-like manner, both behaviorally and ethically, during the entire process of their education or be subject to disciplinary action. A non-exhaustive list of behavioral and ethical standards is offered below.

Behavioral Standards

Behavioral Standards

  1. Students will attend all class sessions, arrive on time, and remain until dismissed.
  2. Students will be respectful, courteous, and civil when communicating verbally or in writing with their instructor, fellow students, other faculty members, or administrative staff.
  3. Students will be prepared for class and maintain an appropriate academic climate by refraining from all actions that disrupt the learning environment.
  4. Students will do assigned coursework in a consistent, timely manner throughout the quarter.
  5. Students will pay tuition, fees, and other charges according to financial policies.

Ethical Standards

  1. Students will submit their own course work.
  2. Students will not cheat by utilizing unauthorized communication of information or give illicit aid to other students on examinations, papers, or projects.
  3. Students will not plagiarize by representing someone else’s words or ideas from books, articles, electronic sources (internet), Bible software, etc., as one’s own without proper citation.
  4. Students will not falsify, distort, or invent any information, data, or citation.
  5. Students will not submit the same work to more than one class or submit any work that has been used to fulfill the requirements of another course previously taken at another school.