The institution’s curriculum is rooted in a commitment to the plenary and verbal inspiration of the Holy Scriptures, the original documents of which are inerrant as to fact and infallible as to truth. Through its curriculum the institution remains committed to providing a theological and biblical education to last a lifetime. Such an education should enable our students to develop careers in service to our Lord and to assume ever greater responsibilities as new opportunities arise in our constantly changing world. The curriculum emphasizes various educational and spiritual goals as agreed upon by the faculty. Students should gain the following:

† An introduction to the breadth of learning in the Christian tradition;

† An ability to think biblically, theologically, logically, analytically, and independently within the Christian tradition;

† An ability to understand the inter-relationships among the various fields of biblical and theological studies, and the significance one discipline has for another;

† An ability to communicate clearly, effectively, and compassionately, both orally and in writing;

† An ability to maintain a vital and edifying life of worship and spiritual formation that promotes discipleship, Christian service, and the furtherance of the Gospel; and

† An ideal of leadership and life-style that accurately reflects the example of Jesus Christ.

Note: Although the general curriculum for each degree program is designed to meet national norms and maximize learning, the institution reserves the right to make minimal course adjustments (utilizing professional judgement) to any program curriculum if the adjustments better assist the student in meeting educational or vocational goals, and if the required program hours are not reduced.