Purpose and Objectives

Faith International University & Seminary is committed to stated objectives and to continually measure its effectiveness through assessment by students, alumni, and employees in order to ensure both the fulfillment of stated objectives and continual improvement of the institution. The objectives are pursued through the development of a community of Christian teachers and students who seek to strengthen their beliefs by exegeting and interpreting Scripture, who uphold doctrines expressed in the historic creeds and confessions of the church, and who labor together in fellowship to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The institution is committed to the following:

  1. Institutional Integrity
    Faith International University & Seminary is committed to Christian integrity in all aspects of the institution. This is accomplished by affirming that the inerrant Word of God informs and guides the institution’s academic programs and institutional operations.
  2. Academic Excellence
    Faith International University & Seminary is committed to academic excellence and promotes scholarly discipline and inquiry. This is accomplished by defining the most important academic goals and competencies for students to achieve, by assessing those goals and competencies, and by using assessment results to improve the academic experience.
  3. Spiritual Transformation
    Faith International University & Seminary is committed to encourage each student to grow in the love of Christ and to be transformed by the renewing of the mind. This is accomplished through devotional and academic contact with the Word of God, consistent prayer, collegial fellowship, and the integration of faith and learning leading to Gospel proclamation and incarnational Christian service to the body of Christ.
  4. Missional Outreach
    Faith International University & Seminary is committed to train students with the skills required for the persuasive communication of the Gospel through missional ministry in the contemporary world and to instill Christ-like attitudes that will assist them as they carry out the “Great Commission” in a culturally diverse world both locally and globally. This is accomplished through a curriculum that promotes academic learning coupled with the practical application of God’s Word.

The institution provides direction and facilities for undergraduate and graduate study and grants degrees required for the church’s varied ministries—degrees that testify to a student’s educational readiness to pursue vocational opportunities centered on God’s Word.