Master of Arts in Christian Education

Purpose of the Program

The Master of Arts in Christian Education (MACE) is a 72-hour program designed to develop and equip experienced church and parachurch leaders called to serve in educational ministry. This is accomplished by integrating biblical and theological knowledge with learning theories, educational psychology, and methodologies within the framework of a biblical worldview. The program is designed to assist leaders who desire to serve or currently serve in an educational capacity, including: Executive leadership, Sunday School superintendent, Minister of Education, Family Life Minister, Youth Minister, Sunday School, Christian School, or Christian College teacher. The program is for the following:

  1. Christian workers (professional or lay) in positions where the master’s degree will allow entrance into a Christian vocation which would not otherwise be possible;
  2. Those who need a general seminary education and wish to gain further knowledge in areas associated with theology, biblical studies, teaching, learning, context and culture; and
  3. Those who desire to gain expertise in Christian Education.

Note: This program is not intended to lead to teacher certification. Teachers are advised to contact their individual school districts as to whether this program may qualify for salary advancement.


The standard academic prerequisite for the MACE is a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution. Applicants should have a minimum GPA of 2.7 on a 4.0 scale. Applicants must have read and signed that they are in agreement with and will uphold the Doctrinal Statement, that they will abide by the Biblical Code of Conduct, Academic Code of Honor, Drug and Alcohol Policy, Payment Policy, and all other academic and financial policies. Additional requirements can be found on the Application for Admission.

Bible (24 hours)
TH 5305 Biblical Theology and Hermeneutics 4
Old Testament
OT 7150 OT Exegesis and Exposition: Narrative 4 4
OT 7152 OT Exegesis and Exposition: Genesis 4
OT 7155 OT Exegesis and Exposition: Prophets or
OT 7157 OT Exegesis and Exposition: Wisdom/Poetry
New Testament
NT 7254 Exegesis and Exposition: Gospel Literature 4
NT 7256 Exegesis and Exposition: Ephesians or
NT 7262 Exegesis and Exposition: Hebrews
Theology and Apologetics (8 hours)
TH 5309 Essentials of Systematic Theology 4
TH 7323 Worldviews and Christianity 4
Christian Education (40 hours)
AT 5547 Spiritual Disciplines 4
AT 5540 Christian Ethics: Principles and Praxis 4
CE 5560 Foundations of Christian Education 1 4
CE 5562 Foundations of Christian Education 2 4
CE 5564 Human Development and Educational Psychology 4
CE 5566 Curriculum Design for Christian Education 4
CE 5568 Educational Ministry of the Church 4
CE 5580 Culture, Contextualization, and Teaching 4
CE 5582 Christian Education in an Urban Context 4
CE 5585 Christian Education Practicum 4
Total Hours = 72


Program Application

Download the Master’s Program Application

Note: Before beginning any graduate program, students intending to seek ordination or licensing for Christian ministry and/or vocational opportunities (religious or secular) should be knowledgeable of the specific requirements of their denomination, synod, religious organization, military association, or vocational institution to determine the applicability of this degree to meet those goals.