Master of Divinity

Purpose of the Program

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) is a 136-hour program designed primarily for those who desire to enter the ministry as a pastor, chaplain, missionary, or other full-time Christian minister. The goal of the program is to equip students for ministry through the integration of biblical, theological, and practical studies. The program is designed for (but not restricted to) the following:

  1. Those who wish to serve as a pastor in full-time or part-time ministry;
  2. Those who wish to serve as a chaplain in a clinical/pastoral setting or in the United States military;
  3. Those who wish to have a well-rounded theological education that involves biblical languages integrated with biblical, theological, and practical disciplines; and
  4.  Those who eventually want to apply to a Doctor of Ministry program.


The degree calls for students who demonstrate a potential for pastoral ministry, a faithful commitment to the Word of God, a heart for Christian service, and the personal discipline necessary to complete degree requirements. The standard academic prerequisite for the MDiv is a baccalaureate degree (minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale) from an accredited institution. Applicants must have read and signed that they are in agreement with and will uphold the Doctrinal Statement, that they will abide by the Biblical Code of Conduct, Academic Code of Honor, Drug and Alcohol Policy, Payment Policy, and all other academic and financial policies. Additional requirements can be found on the Application for Admission.

Biblical Studies/Language (48 hours)
Old Testament Electives (2) 8
New Testament Electives (2) 8
OT 5118 Elements of Hebrew 4
Hebrew Language Electives (2) 8
NT 5218 Elements of Greek 4
Greek Language Electives (2) 8
Bible or Language Electives (2) 8
Theological Studies (40 hours)
AT 5500 Theological Writing & Terminology 4
TH 5301 Introduction to Biblical Interpretation 4
TH 5311 Theology 1: Prolegomena & Bibliology 4
TH 5312 Theology 2: Paterology, Christology, & Pneumatology 4
TH 5313 Theology 3: Angelology, Anthropology, & Soteriology 4
TH 5314 Theology 4: Ecclesiology & Eschatology 4
Church History Electives (2) 8
Apologetics Electives (2) 8
Ministry Studies (36 hours)
GL 7547 The Leader’s Inner Journey 4
AT 5540 Christian Ethics: Principles & Praxis 4
AT 5547 Spiritual Disciplines 4
Homiletics Electives (2) 8
Counseling Electives (2) 8
Field Ministry or Practicum Elective 4
Global Leadership Elective 4
Electives (12 hours)
Interdisciplinary Electives* (3) 12
Total Hours = 136

Note: Students who plan on entering the institution’s Doctor of Ministry program after completing the Master of Divinity are advised to incorporate a 4-hour master’s thesis (AT 7565 Advanced Research and Writing) as part of their MDiv program in an attempt to fulfill the substantive academic paper requirement for admission into the DMin.

Faith Evangelical College & Seminary accepts up to 28 hours of transfer credit toward the Master of Divinity degree for those involved in Military Chaplaincy training and practical ministry. 


Program Application

Download the Master’s Program Application

Note: Before beginning any graduate program, students intending to seek ordination or licensing for Christian ministry and/or vocational opportunities (religious or secular) should be knowledgeable of the specific requirements of their denomination, synod, religious organization, military association, or vocational institution to determine the applicability of this degree to meet those goals.