Lutheran Track

In keeping with its theological heritage, Faith International University & Seminary offers specific Lutheran courses of study at both graduate and undergraduate levels. Most graduate Lutheran courses are taken though online DVD education. Most undergraduate courses are taken online. Undergraduate Lutheran students can choose a major in religion or leadership and can develop a minor in Lutheran studies. Through the years, most conservative, evangelical Lutheran synods have granted academic transfer credit and recognized degrees from Faith International University & Seminary, thereby receiving our graduates for Lutheran ministry. It is important, however, that students preparing for ordained ministry first contact their Lutheran synod or organization of choice to determine the applicability of a degree from this institution toward future ordination or ministry opportunities.

Students enrolled in the Lutheran track are required to complete four Lutheran systematics courses: Lutheran Confessions 1 and 2, Life of Martin Luther, and Worship and Liturgy as part of the Lutheran Studies Master of Divinity program. An internship/vicarage is also a part of the program and should be supervised by a pastor representing a Lutheran synod or organization in agreement with the historic traditions and doctrinal position of this institution.