Doctor of Strategic Leadership

Purpose of the Program

The primary goal of the Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL) is to train Christian leaders who currently serve in a vocational marketplace environment to be better equipped and more effective as they embrace a Christian worldview and seek to expand the “Kingdom in the Marketplace.” This is accomplished through careful study of biblical principles that inform and integrate key aspects of awareness and development, mission, vocational calling, and personal identity for leaders residing and working within the mainstream culture. The DSL is designed primarily for business administrators, nonprofit professionals, managers, executives, military personnel, educators, counselors, life coaches, etc. The program also is open to those in Church leadership roles who wish to enhance their leadership skills without a Master of Divinity prerequisite.

The degree is open to applicants who hold an accredited Master’s degree (normally, a minimum of 60 quarter hours) with a minimum GPA of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale. Applicants must have read and signed that they are in agreement with and will uphold the Doctrinal Statement, that they will abide by the Biblical Code of Conduct, Academic Code of Honor, Drug and Alcohol Policy, Payment Policy, and all other academic and financial policies. Additional requirements can be found on the Application for Admission. The Doctoral Committee reserves the right to make professional judgments regarding all admission or program requirements.

Leadership Coursework (40 hours)
LE 8548 Integrity, Communication, and Decision Making 4
LE 7556 Missional Marketplace Ministry 4
LE 8546 Foundations of Strategic Leadership 4
LE 7547 The Leader’s Inner Journey 4
LE 8549 Strategic Leadership and Care Systems 4
LE 7552 Missional Thought and Theology 4
LE 8547 Strategic Leadership & Organizational Development 4
LE 7564 Relational Leadership 4
LE 8553 Managing Organizational Conflict 4
AT 8563 Research Design and Statistics 4
Emphasis Coursework (24 hours)
Emphasis Courses (6 courses) 24
   Choose six courses from one of the focus areas below:
* Three (3) courses are required for an emphasis

  • Counseling Leadership
  • Educational Leadership
  • Organizational Leadership
Project/Dissertation (16 hours)
AT 8589 DSL Research Practicum 1 4
AT 8591 DSL Research Practicum 2 4
AT 8593 DSL Research Practicum 3 4
AT 8595 DSL Project/Dissertation 4
Total Hours = 80

Program Application

Download the Doctoral Programs Application Packet

Note: Before beginning the DSL program, students intending to seek vocational opportunities based on this degree should check with their organization of choice to determine the applicability of the degree to meet hiring requirements.