Program Overview



Faith International University offers four complete four-year Bachelor of Arts degrees. Students may major in Religion (BAR), Education (BAE), Leadership (BAL), or Business (BAB). The undergraduate programs are taken online or through a combination of online and resident courses. The institution offers a Graduate Certificate in Leadership (non-degree) with emphases in Professional Development, Life Coaching, or Missional-Church Studies available in various formats: online, webinar, hybrid, or residency. The institution offers five master’s programs: the Master of Arts in Leadership Ministry (MALM), the Master of Arts in Christian Counseling (MACC), the Master of Arts in Christian Education (MACE), the Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MATS), and the Master of Divinity (MDiv). The curriculum includes a general Interdisciplinary Track for the MALM and MATS as well as areas of concentration in each degree. The Interdisciplinary Track MALM and MATS as well as the MACE and MDiv may be taken entirely online, in residence, or through a combination of resident study and online education. The institution also offers two Doctoral programs: Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL) and Doctor of Ministry (DMin) programs with concentrations in Strategic Leadership, Christian Apologetics, or Expository Communication. The Doctoral programs normally have residency requirements.

Online Education

The institution has courses and degree programs that may be taken entirely through online learning (using Canvas). Some online courses utilize pre-recorded lectures available on Vimeo. Specific policies regarding online access and procedures can be found in the Student Handbook. Online students must have access to a computer (Windows 10 or higher or MAC OS 10.3 or higher) with an Internet connection. Students begin the process by accessing the institution’s website at and linking to Login to Student Access System to register for courses through Populi. Populi is the online student management system for the institution. Once the online registration is processed, it will prompt the Registrar to forward an email to the student with a link that allows them access to Canvas, the student interface and method of delivery for taking courses online. Online courses involve regular and substantive interaction between the student and the instructor, the student and the content, and the student and their peers using the Canvas system. This is accomplished by a number of means including quizzes, research papers, group projects, and interactive discussion boards. Students should be familiar with each course syllabus and remain interactive during the quarter. Students who are not active during the first two weeks of any course may be subject to Emergency Withdrawal (WX).

Note: Before beginning any program, students intending to seek ordination or licensure for Christian ministry and/or secular vocational opportunities should be knowledgeable of the specific requirements of their denomination, synod, religious organization, military association, or vocational institution. In addition, students should be knowledgeable of credit transfer policies and degree requirements of other educational institutions if they are interested in using Faith International University hours as transfer credit. In addition, students should check beforehand with any current or potential employer to determine the applicability of a degree for vocational advancement.