Dean of Students Office

We need each other! In a world characterized by every man looking out for his own interests, Christians are to stand out as those who “carry each another’s burdens and in this way fulfill the law of Christ” (Gal. 6:2).

Here at Faith International University, each of you will need some assistance as you study with us. So where should you turn? It is my hope that you will remember that the Dean of Students is here to listen and find a way to “carry your burden”. Your situation may be complicated or simple—but no matter what it is, we are here to help.

We need each other—so please allow us to serve you as study with us.

Amazed by His Grace,
John Wheeler, III
888.777.7675 ext 120




We are your student resource!

When Life Gets Complicated…call us!

  • Maybe you have some miscommunication with the university.
  • Maybe you have come to a financial catastrophe or sudden illness.
  • Maybe you are just in a complicated mess and you aren’t sure where to turn.
  • Maybe you have been trying to log in to Populi or Canvas but it just doesn’t make sense.
  • Maybe you are thinking that you need to withdraw from your classes.

We really would like to make a difference when your life is upside down.

When you sense a student is in distress

Often the first person to notice that a student is in distress is a fellow-student!  Whether you are talking to a student before or after class, or you are just reading their posts online, you may sense that someone needs help. So what should you do?

  • We would encourage you to stop whatever you are doing and offer to pray with your fellow-student.  Don’t assume that reaching out to a student is only for the school administration. Ask if you could be a personal resource in prayer.
  • If possible, pray about the matter as soon as you hear of it.  We all can recall times when we said we would pray—and then promptly forgot.  So pray right away.
  • Follow-up with your friend the next time that you see them.  Ask them how God is working in their life.
  • If you sense that the distress in their life is serious, contact us right away in the Dean of Students Office.  We may need to provide counseling, or additional assistance to help them during this time of difficulty.
  • What should you do if you believe that a student may be causing distress to others?  Don’t hesitate. Call our office right away.  We will do everything in our power to examine the situation and take steps to resolve the issue.

When you need Additional Resources

We are here to point you to college and seminary resources!  Here are some great ones to start:

Library Resources

 Online Research Resources

Student Honor Code

Student Handbook

Contacts for administrators, faculty, & staff

So what should you do if you find that you are sick?

(This is especially important if you are enrolled in a hybrid or residency class where you are missing a lecture.)

  • Always try to email your professors before the class starts.  (If that is not possible do it as soon as you can.)
  • Tell them you are missing class because you are sick.
  • Ask them if they can let you know what material you missed.
  • You should do this for every missed class.
  • When you are feeling better we suggest that you contact your professors so that you can make any necessary arrangements for missed work.

If you have a prolonged illness in an online or DVD class, be sure to send your professor an email explaining your situation.  Our professors would love to pray for you and will do everything possible to assist you as you recover.  Canvas students can communicate their situation through the “Conversation tool”.